Wednesday, June 28, 2006


As you know, I'm a huge Tar Heel basketball fan. I'm watching the NBA Draft and waiting for the second round. If any Tar Heels get drafted, it will be David Noel...and he's not going in the first round. To add excitement to the first round, I've been predicting that each team will draft Noel. I figured if any team actually did it, it would be the Knicks. THE KNICKS! What other team would make such a silly move with their first round pick?

Did the Knicks take Noel? HELL NO! They took South Carolina's Renaldo Balkman! RENALDO BALKMAN!

One of NBA Draft talking heads: He's been described as a combination of Rodman and Artest.
Sports Chic: Which aspects of Rodman and Artest? That could be disastrous.

They could have at least gotten some dunks out of Noel. How insulting.

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Steph said...

I really enjoyed the Renaldo Balkman pick. My favorite moment of the draft, however, since I had no David Noels to cheer for, was this exchange between David Stern and Dan Patrick.

David: "Dan, I've been in the back listening to all of your pithy statements. When will you have something good to say about one of our draft picks?"

Dan: "David, I always liked Commissioner Tagliabue better."

Pretty great stuff.