Monday, August 13, 2007

Some People. Take The Joy. Out of Everything.

I don't think it takes a super-attentive sports fan to figure out that sports have been, well, not much fun this summer. We had to listen to the minute-to-minute updates regarding whether or not Bud Selig would be in attendance when Barry Bonds hit his 756th home run. We had to listen to all of the controversy surrounding the fact that Bonds was about to hit his 756th home run. We had to endure Denmark's Michael Rasmussen's dismissal from the Tour de France. Then there was Michael Vick. Then there was there was Tim Donaghy. Sheesh. I have co-workers who simply do not understand the point of watching sports, and lately, I don't think there's much to say to convince them otherwise.

Ah, but there's Tiger Woods! He won the PGA Championship on Sunday, inching him closer to breaking Jack Nicklaus's record for major victories. This win was just the story the sporting world needed. Clean-cut Tiger, winning his thirteenth major in front of his wife and baby daughter.

But of course, some people must ruin everything. Take ESPN's Josh Elliott, who announced on Mike & Mike in the Morning that people might begin to speculate that Tiger himself has done steroids. Gah. This is what happens when people have to talk on the radio for hours at a time and have to say, well, anything, to avoid dead air. I mean, Josh might be right. People might begin to wonder whether or not Tiger has really obtained his success by lots of practice as opposed less legitimate means. But right now there is absolutely no reason to think that that's the case. So can we just enjoy one untainted sport for the moment? If there suddenly becomes evidence of steroids in golf, then let's talk. But let's just that someone has accomplished something legitimately, and that he won't be indicted or arrested anytime soon.

Also, I am going to be playing Fantasy Football for the first time this season. I've sworn it off for years because I want to enjoy watching the games without worrying about my players. I'll keep everyone updated on my progress.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mike Bacsik is now a trivia answer

Michael J. Bacsik to be exact. In case you missed it, the Washington Nationals pitcher gave up Homer #756 to Barry Bonds. Despite the fact that everyone knew he was going to break the record any day now, it was still easy to miss because Time Warner Cable doesn't carry MASN, which has the rights to all Nationals games. So in order to see the historic homer, you had to watch the ESPN News feed on ESPN2 and wait for them to cut in with Bonds' at bats. So he hit the homer, and then the hooplah began.

The game stopped. Hank Aaron came on the jumbotron screen and gave a speech. Bonds made a speech. There were fireworks. All during the bottom of the 5th inning. Since I don't have MASN, I currently have no idea whether or not the game has restarted. Crazy.

Now, are sports fans going to move on to other discussions, or are they going to continue the steroids debate? I think this question is, in a way, more interesting than the fact he broke the home run record. That was inevitable. Does that discussion now stop? Are we all going to forget about the controversy and move on to preseason football?

Whatever you decide to talk about, remember Mike Bacsik. It will pay off for you one day.