Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Garnett to Chicago? That's a lot of bull.

It's not a new topic, but since it made it's way onto PTI this afternoon, it seems to be getting more attention than usual:

1) Will the T-wolves trade Kevin Garnett? (Minnesota fans have been thinking about it longer than I've been paying attention.)

and if so...

2) Will he go to Chicago?

My two cents worth: not if there's any brainpower in the Bulls' management office. Come on, Garnett's a good player, but unless Minnesota is looking to get rid of him by any means necessary (read: Lakers dealing Shaq, or perhaps more impressively, the Magic dealing Stevie Franchise...your vote), Chicago will have to deal too much young talent in exchange for a 10-year veteran who hasn't successfully lead a team through the playoffs. Bottom line: it's not a fair trade.

Now...if we tell the same story...

...and take out Minnesota and Garnett...

...and replace them with Cleveland and LeBron or Miami and Dwyane Wade...

...then we've got a deal that's more fair.

But as that's not the rumor in question (nor will it be), let's get back to the matter at hand.

Will the T-wolves trade Garnett? Only if they can find a team that's willing to trade a lot of talent in return. My guess is that he stays in Minnesota. And definitely don't look for him in Chicago.

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