Monday, September 18, 2006

Panthers: I know I'm not a coach...

...and there's a good reason that I'm not a coach. I know that John Fox is much more qualified to coach the Panthers than I am.

But I am absolutely speechless about two calls Fox made versus the Vikings on Sunday.

1) You know what this point is without me saying it. Why, with a 13-6 lead...midway through the fourth quarter...with momentum...and good field position...did Fox tell Chris Gamble to throw a lateral on a punt return?

My initial reaction: "Leon Lett is off the hook."

I can't say anything more about this play. I am absolutely speechless.

2) Since the Vikings took advantage of their fantastic field position and scored a touchdown, why...with 15 seconds left in the game...with two timeouts remaining...on the road...when you know sudden death is the alternative...did Fox decide to run out the clock and go to OT? Delhomme couldn't have taken a shot at the end zone? Or tried for field goal position?

So, the Panthers took a risk when they didn't need to, and chickened out when they should have gone for the win.

I know, I know. I'm not the coach.

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Archivalist said...

"Why..." is the lament of sports fans everywhere. SC, you should really go and find everything that Paul Zimmerman (Dr Z from Sports Illustrated) has written -- especially on chicken coaches and horrible announcers.