Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mike Bacsik is now a trivia answer

Michael J. Bacsik to be exact. In case you missed it, the Washington Nationals pitcher gave up Homer #756 to Barry Bonds. Despite the fact that everyone knew he was going to break the record any day now, it was still easy to miss because Time Warner Cable doesn't carry MASN, which has the rights to all Nationals games. So in order to see the historic homer, you had to watch the ESPN News feed on ESPN2 and wait for them to cut in with Bonds' at bats. So he hit the homer, and then the hooplah began.

The game stopped. Hank Aaron came on the jumbotron screen and gave a speech. Bonds made a speech. There were fireworks. All during the bottom of the 5th inning. Since I don't have MASN, I currently have no idea whether or not the game has restarted. Crazy.

Now, are sports fans going to move on to other discussions, or are they going to continue the steroids debate? I think this question is, in a way, more interesting than the fact he broke the home run record. That was inevitable. Does that discussion now stop? Are we all going to forget about the controversy and move on to preseason football?

Whatever you decide to talk about, remember Mike Bacsik. It will pay off for you one day.

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Archivalist said...

And Mike Bacsik's dad was also a major league pitcher, who faced Aaron when he had 755 homers. Father didn't give up a homer, but son did. Sounds like the dad blew a chance for immortality.

Does this mean that you're 'back' to semi-regular posting now? Or do we have to wait for the first win for Carolina football? Can we wait that long?