Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fantasy Football: Week 3 Redux

Alrighty, my team is now the only undefeated team in my league. Which I think is cool, although it makes me think that I'm in for a rude awakening sometime soon. LT (15 points) definitely did better than last week, although he still isn't producing like he has in the past. I should have started Shaun McDonald (13 points) over Jerricho Cotchery (5 points) and Sammy Morris (10 points) over Cedric Benson (7 points--he had 10 points until he fumbled). Seattle's D (15 points) performed better than Green Bay's D (7 points), and Nick Folk (11 points) kicked his way to more points than did Shayne Graham (8 points). But as my opponent scored a mere 36 points (they started Marc Bulger (-1 points) and left Ronnie Brown (40 points) on the bench--doh!), it really didn't matter.

Notes from Week 3:

That Jake Delhomme (15 points)-Steve Smith (1 point) combo I raved about last week? Doesn't work so well when Delhomme is injured and Smith drops passes. David Carr, anyone?

I'm really glad my team played against Brian Westbrook in Week 2 (15 points) and not Week 3 (40 points). I would have lost big.

As mentioned before, I'm glad my Week 3 opponent graciously overlooked Ronnie Brown (40 points) sitting so nicely on the bench.

I can't say I ever paid attention to Kevin Curtis (40 points) until this past Sunday.

Along with LT, Philip Rivers and the entire San Diego team looked much better. Speaking of which...

...did anyone expect Green Bay to be good this year? Not me. I guess they traded fortunes with New Orleans.

Moves for Week 4:

Not many. Folk is gettting kicking duties this weekend. I dropped the injured Matt Spaeth and added Donald Lee (actually, I first added Bubba Franks, and then realized he probably wasn't going to play. Note to self to read the player reports before making moves). I'll start Lee if Kellen Winslow doesn't play. McDonald will start over Cotchery if Cotchery doesn't play, but since Detroit's playing Chicago and the Jets are playing Buffalo, I'm hoping Jerricho will be a go. I'm keeping Green Bay's defense in against the Vikings.

For those of you wondering why I'm not writing about Tar Heel football, it's because I don't have that much to say. The most conversation generated thus far this season has been about the now-infamous reviewed field goal. Now every time someone kicks a field goal, I yell, "Review it!" Note: I can really be an obnoxious person sometimes.

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