Monday, September 10, 2007

Fantasy Football/How good is App?/Wrigley Field

Okay, Week 1 of Fantasy Football is nearly over. I only have one player playing right now, and it's my kicker, so I don't plan on racking up that many more points.

Right now I'm sitting at 109 points. My biggest lesson of the weekend: I should have started Tom Brady over Tony Romo. Who would've picked that one? Will I put Romo in over Brady next week? No. But then again I'm hard headed.

I lucked out in my league and got the #1 draft pick, which means I picked up Tom Brady, LaDanian Tomlinson, and T.O. I also got Donald Driver, Jerricho Cotchery, Kellen Winslow, and, um, Cedric Benson, who I shouldn't have started in front of Brandon Jackson.

So at the moment I can't complain. I just wish the folks at Yahoo! would do their jobs and update point totals for the Ravens-Bengals game. We're all still sitting at 0 although the score is 9-7. Oh well.

I was in Chicago last weekend when App beat Michigan. Oh man, were the Michigan fans in Wrigleyville easy to pick on! They were none too pleased when I told them that the people at App are a bunch of hippie pot heads.

Quote: "You mean we were beaten by a bunch of hippie pot heads?"

So everyone catches (don't call it) Division I-AA fever, and the AP even decides that (don't call it) Division I-AA teams can receive votes in their poll. And hey, why not? Sure, it's a lot like comparing apples to oranges, and it's unlikely that any (don't call it) Division I-AA team will ever make it into the AP poll for any more than a week or two at a time, but it's fun to know that they can can get in there. I mean, if Duke's football team is allowed to receive votes, (don't call it) Division I-AA teams should be able to as well.

Granted, Oregon's thumping of Michigan at the Big House makes me wonder why App couldn't beat the Wolverines by more than 2 points. But I guess I'm being picky.

Speaking of Wrigleyville, I had the opportunity to go to a Cubs game while I was in Chicago. Here are a few facts about Wrigley Field that everyone already knows, but I'm going to take the time to point them out anyway:

1) It's windy there. Especially when you're sitting at the top of your section by the fence, and that little bit of wind is squeezing through just to chill you to the bone. Even in August.

2) It's possible to end up with a seat behind a pole that's next to impossible to see around. I did not have such a seat, but the poles do prevent you from seeing plays in the outfield every now and again.

3) Milwaukee is only a few hours from Chicago, so lots of Milwaukee fans come down for Brewers-Cubs games. They cheer loudly. Cubs fans get upset.

4) There are restrooms on the upper levels, but they're easy to miss. Don't be surprised if you end up going to the restroom and getting food all the way at the bottom of the ramp.

5) All in all: Priceless.

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Archivalist said...

Can't wait for that upcoming awesome Mich-ND matchup! And W&M vs. VaTech is coming soon! Upset baby, yeah!