Thursday, September 13, 2007

Week 2 Fantasy Football Decisions

I mentioned two things in my last blog that I am now having to revisit:

1) Cedric Benson. After last week's disappointing performance, I seriously considered picking up another starting RB. But here's what I figure will happen: if I get rid of him, he'll have a breakout week this Sunday. So alas, I'm keeping him and starting him again.

2) Tom Brady and Tony Romor. I stated that I wasn't going to start Romo over Brady, even though Romo had fantastic numbers last week. And I'm still not going to start Romo over Brady. But Patriot-gate has me worried: are Brady's numbers going to go down if the Pats no longer know the defensive plays in advance? Argh. We'll have to wait and see. Who knows, maybe Romo will be starting after a few weeks.

Quote of the week: "The Michigan Wolverweenies better win big this weekend, because they're bringing Appalachian State's strength of schedule down." --caller on "Prime Time with the Pack Man"

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Archivalist said...

It's early yet -- I'd probably start Benson and Brady, even though Romo is facing the Dolphins. So of course he'll have a huge game...